Sandwich Student Receives Scholarship to U.S College


A student from Sandwich Secondary in LaSalle is heading to the U.S. to continue her post secondary education.

Alexis Meloche has accepted a scholarship to throw javelin at Murray State University in Kentucky.

The 17-year-old says she was a fast pitch player and started to throw javelin in grade 9 after her coach told her to try the sport.

She says in grade 9 she was throwing 20 metres but now is a 40 metre thrower.

Meloche says she started the scholarship process about a year and a half ago.

"Since we got into COVID and lockdown, I was only allowed to visit three schools so that kind of made my process very difficult because I wasn't allowed to go over to the states and visit the coaches," says Meloche.  "So I had to make my decision based off the personality of the coaches and how I felt with the coaches and everything like that.  So it was definitely very difficult."           

Meloche says she clicked with the coach right away.

"I have a very very great relationship with him now," says Meloche.  "I've talked to some of his team and got along very well with them and their track team overall was really really good to me.  I really liked the facilities over there and overall was like a really good community to live in."   

Meloche says it was a difficult process but believes she made the right choice.

"I'm very excited to move on Aug. 11," she says. "My parents and I are going to go over there, we're not sure how we're going to move over there yet but I'm definitely very excited to go over there."   

Meloche says she never thought she would be attending university in the U.S.

Murray State University is a Division 1 school and is a member of the Ohio Valley Conference.