Santa Claus Parade Returns To Downtown Windsor


The Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is looking forward to this year's Santa Claus Parade.

The 50th annual parade takes place on Saturday and is put on by the Windsor Parade Corporation.

BIA Chair Larry Horwitz says the association is excited to have the parade back in the core and feels it will be a boost for businesses.

He says large crowds are expected.

"This is something we worked hard on," says Horwitz.  "We that Ouellette Avenue, the centre of the city is where the parade should be and must be and this is a huge honour and we expect thousands of people to line Ouellette Avenue and welcome the floats, the bands and all the amazing things that are going to take place on Ouellette."         

Horwitz says he has heard from residents and businesses and they're all excited as well.

"People have been asking and calling me for months finding out when and where the parade is," says Horwitz.  "They're very excited and we expect a huge turnout.  We also believe it's an economic generator that the businesses will increase that the businesses will increase their volume in that time period."    

He says he's happy the parade is returning to the downtown core.

"This is a statement again that, it says that every city has their parades and their celebrations on their main street and Ouellette Avenue that's where it should be and that's where it takes place," says Horwitz.

The BIA is sponsoring the parade for $20,000.

For almost 10-years the parade has been happening in Sandwich Town.

Saturday's parade begins at 6pm and starts on Ouellette Ave at Giles Blvd and heads north to University Ave.