Sartori Named New Public School Board Chair


The Greater Essex County School Board has elected new leadership.

Second-year trustee Jessica Sartori was elected Chairperson by her peers Tuesday at the board's office in downtown Windsor.

Sartori says the new mix of experience and fresh ideas is going to be exciting moving forward.

"It's a new term; there are five new trustees on the board and five returning trustees. I think there's a lot of opportunity there too," she says.

Sartori hopes to bring the board together to join the fight against poverty in Windsor-Essex.

"There's a lot of great work happening in the community, but we know we have kids in the board with significant needs and I'm hoping that's something that we can really focus on," she added.

Julia Burgess is in her sixth-term, she served as chair back in 2013.

A tie with trustee Ron LeClair had to be broken by drawing names out of a hat, but Burgess is now sitting in the Vice Chairpersons seat.

She says there's some youth sitting on the board now that has her excited moving into 2019.

"An enormous benefit to us. You see through the eyes of an active parent with kids in elementary school, high school. That brings, not only a fresh face, but a really strong voice to the board," says Burgess. "I'm really looking forward to that new enthusiasm."

At the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, Fulvio Valentinis has been named Chairperson.