School Trustee Pledges to Walk to School Every Day This Year


Wednesday is International Walk to School Day and a local school board trustee is making a serious pledge.

Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board trustee Kim Bouchard and her children have committed to walking to school as many days as they possibly can this school year.

Bouchard says she's hoping her family's effort pushes others to do the same.

"My fingers are crossed that a couple people will hop on and people that don't normally, that's what would be nice," she says. "People that don't normally walk to school would take a couple extra minutes out of their day and walk to school and see how the distance is for them, if it's workable, if it's something their family might be able to incorporate into their day."

Bouchard says given the congestion around many schools, walking can actually be the easier option.

"Some schools are worse than others of course. Depends on the set up of the traffic flow around the schools, but I figure if you can get a couple less cars dropping off in the morning that's always a plus," she says. "So you hope it might become part of a habit for other people that realize, yeah, my kids could walk to school."

Bouchard says walking is also good for your health and the environment.

"I know there's some people that are way too far away from the school to walk or mom and dad are getting to work in the morning or grandparents are taking them. I'm not trying to force this on anybody, but if it can encourage some people that maybe could and don't and if they give it and try and see that this is a nice way to start the day, because it definitely is a nice way to start a day," she says.

Bouchard's children attend St. Rose Catholic Elementary School in east Windsor.

In addition to Wednesday being International Walk to School Day, October has also been designated International Walk to School Month.


With files from AM800's Rob Hindi