Seasonal labour program aids in growing season for Windsor


The President of Foreign Agricultural Resource Management Services says it's been a great growing season in the Windsor area thanks in part to a seasonal labour program.

According to a release the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program has aided in filling more than 1,400 Ontario farm summer job vacancies.

It has helped in ensuring crops can be planted, tended and harvested for the market.

Ken Forth says the program has helped with many labour problems locally.

He says SAWP is a great program.

"It helps the workers a lot, they can educate their kids at a university level back home, they build new houses or buy a new house and it enhances what they can do. They make lots more than they can at home, that's how they raise their capital so they can go back and do things and have a better standard of living at home."

Forth says some real progress has been made during the pandemic.

"Most farmers are doing a great job anyway but as of the pandemic, people had to do a lot more. As far as housing and working conditions I know there is a lot of criticism about farmers and how they handled it through the pandemic but the fact of the matter is the experts and health professionals knew nothing about this in February of 2020."

Around 18,000 seasonal workers from Mexico and the Caribbean are working at Ontario farms through SAWP.