Second Pot Store Opens in Downtown Windsor


The chair of the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association is pleased to see another cannabis shop opening in the downtown core.

Brian Yeomans says the first store on Ouellette Avenue, J. Supply Co., which opened at the end of March saw no issues and he's expecting the same for the latest addition, "Greentown Cannabis."

The new store on Chatham Street West is owned by Sam Katzman and opened Saturday morning at 9am.

Yeoman says it's nice to see the stores opening in downtown Windsor.

"Obviously the licensing change was a big part of it but as long as they're done responsibly and handled well by the owners and again the customers aren't abusing the space," says Yeomans.  

He says the public sees the stores as a retail establishment.

"Honestly we've already seen the one down on Ouellette, has been beautifully handled, there's no loitering, there's no people hanging around out front, I don't expect that to be the thing that we're expecting to see," says Yeomans.      

Yeomans says there has been no loitering in front of the store on Ouellette Avenue and feels it will be the same for the new store on Chatham Street.

"It hasn't been there, I don't expect it to be at the new one as well," says Yeomans.  "I think it's just a matter of what peoples perceptions of what that is, it's just another retail outlet, retail establishment.  It's great that it's coming downtown.    

Earlier this week, Shiny Bud Cannabis Co. opened in east Windsor on Tecumseh Road East near Lauzon Road.