Secondary school students looking forward to some normal


For high school students, the past two years have been anything but normal.

And even though COVID-19 remains an issue and they'll have to wear masks inside, students returning to Sandwich Secondary School say they're happy to be back.

Grade 12 student Logan Richard says he's hopeful that they won't have to study from home again.

"I've heard a lot about the vaccine passes being handed out and I feel like if you're vaccinated you might be able to stay in school. I'm fully vaccinated so I'm hoping I'll be able to stay in school," Richard said.

For a Grade 11 student named Johnny, the summer was an incredibly long one after a weird few years.

"Grade 9 got cutoff halfway through and there wasn't any online teaching after that. I didn't learn much after the first part of grade 9 and then Grade 10 started off in co-horts and this big confusing thing that worked for a little but then we ended up moving to online schooling anyways. So, grade 11 is basically my first year in high school."

Another student heading into her Grade 11 year, Emily Demars, says she just wants some stability for the school year.

"Pretty excited, a little bit nervous on how it's going to actually play out if we're going to stay in school or go back online," she continued. "I'm hoping to finally get a full year of high school experience but we'll see."

In-person learning was put on hold last April.