Security camera installation underway in Windsor's Forest Glade Park


Work is underway to install $50,000 worth of security cameras in Windsor's Forest Glade Park.

The security camera installation work was highlighted Thursday during the unveiling of a new splash pad and fully accessible washroom facility, a $750,000 project that is part of a $2.2-million sports and recreation upgrade in the popular park.

A report to Windsor City Council in October 2021 recommended security cameras and increased lighting as a potential solution to curb questionable behaviour and violence in the city park.

The recommendations were issued after complaints about problems around the skateboard park and an incident in September 2021 involving a group of 10 to 12 suspects in masks, spraying what was believed to be pepper spray at people. 

Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens says they're adding more amenities which will bring more families to the park, which is the primary way to create safety by having families and people use it, and having more eyes on their neighbourhood park.

He calls the cameras a layered enhancement to security.

"We're just making sure we have video footage of these important infrastructure assets, recognizing that this is a $750,000 asset that is being installed and we want to protect our own assets as the City of Windsor," he says.

Gill also believes using the park is one way to improve safety.

"We are the eyes of the area and these are our properties," he says. "We should maintain these properties to our betterment and use it for our benefit."

Councillor Gill contributed $20,000 from his ward funds to help install the cameras, which he feels will enhance security in the park.

"Monitoring the area so we can find the culprit if anyone is damaging the property or fighting," he adds.

In addition the the security camera installation, $200,000 in upgraded LED lighting has been installed throughout the park replacing the decades old lighting.