Security cameras, increased lighting recommended for Forest Glade Park

Security Camera

Security cameras, increased lighting and even moving the skateboard park are being recommended as ways to improve safety in Windsor's Forest Glade Park.

The recommendations were part of a report delivered to Windsor City Council on Monday on potential solutions to curb questionable behaviour and violence in the city park.

In late September, Ward 7 Councillor Jeewen Gill requested the report and an increased police presence after an incident on Sept. 10. along with other complaints from people living in the neighbourhood about problems in the skateboard area.

It was reported a group of 10 to 12 suspects in masks sprayed what was believed to be pepper spray — it was also reported one suspect had a taser-like weapon while another may have been in possession of a firearm.

Ward 7 Councillor, Jeewen Gill says he's pleased with the recommendations but needs to look further into the options for moving the skateboard park.

"Because it is in the middle, like if it is closer to the road. We will see if we work with the Parks Department if that is feasible to move. Otherwise we can try to install the other recommendations."

Gill is exploring options to bring the recommendations to a future city council meeting for discussion and consideration.

The Windsor Police Service has increased its presence in the neighbourhood since the request, but is reminding all residents that if there is an issue, they should contact police.

Gill has noticed he's receiving fewer complaints since police increased their presence.

"They extended the number of hours in that park, police presence and auxiliary officers are more.  I believe we are working in that direction to make the that is safe, that people feeler safer to enjoy that park," he adds.


With files from Rob Hindi