Security for Colchester Beach up for Approval from Essex Town Council


The Town of Essex is looking at providing security and enforcement staff for Colchester Beach again this summer.

Ward 3 Councillor Steve Bjorkman says a parking enforcement and security officer were dispatched to the beach after it was re-opened during the COVID-19 pandemic last last year.

The move was the result of "unruly crowds" that flocked to the beach from throughout Essex County causing parking issues, fighting and drinking in a public park.

Bjorkman says tools should be in place before the beach opens in 2021.

"We did not have those pieces in place and it was unruly, so this time we're going to make sure we're ahead of it and that we give our residence and visitors the experience they're looking for," he says. 

He says the town wants everyone in Essex County to enjoy the beach, but pandemic rules and town bylaws can't be ignored.

"Our goals is to have a family friendly, beach, park and harbour experience," he says. "In order to do that it's important to enforce our bylaws surrounding smoking, vaping and drinking."

If approved, a parking enforcement officer able to write tickets will be in place on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from June 26 through Labour Day Weekend.

A town staff member would also be present over that period to educate the public and will bring in the OPP for enforcement if needed. 

The town already ear marked an additional $13,000 in the 2021 Budget to cover the cost.

Council gets underway Monday at 6 p.m.

— with files from AM800's Rob Hindi.