Seniors Encouraged to Meet the Candidates and Vote

A group of senior citizens.

The Canadian Association of Retired Persons is encouraging all seniors across Windsor-Essex to get out and vote.

The organization will be hosting 'All Candidate Meet & Greets' over the next two weeks, to allow seniors to interact with the local candidates and ask questions

Larry Duffield with the local CARP chapter says seniors are a major influence in communities.

"They have worked for years and have been good taxpayers and now they're retired, wanting to enjoy life but they're enjoying life longer and more healthy then they ever have so they're looking for things to do," says Duffield.  "So that's one of the nice things that we have to talk about these years, is how seniors can continue to contribute after they retire."

Duffield says financial security and health services are two key election issues for seniors.

"Both of those are huge pillars and complex so they include things like health delivery and health service that are available as well as things like pharmacare," he says. "We don't have pharmacare 

Duffield says CARP does not tell members who to vote for.

"We support everybody voting and we want to get as much information as possible for all voters, particularly for seniors, but we also ask anybody running what are they and their parties planning for seniors in the forth coming parliament," he adds.

The next meet and greet is set for Friday at the Atlas Tube Centre from 2p-4p for the riding of Essex.

The federal election is October 21.