Seventh Vital Signs Report Released


Residents have given Windsor-Essex a failing grade when it comes to housing.

That's according to information released Thursday as part of the Windsor-Essex Community Foundation's annual vital signs report — a snapshot of life in Windsor-Essex that measures the vitality of the community by way of offering letter grades.

Executive Director Lisa Kolody says mental health has been listed as a top priority.

"That has risen as a priority over the years," she says. "This year we also added some questions around oral health because we have an investment through Green Shield and so we'll be keeping an eye on that because that's a new agenda item for us."

Residents gave Windsor-Essex grades of 'C' for other issues, such as work, health and wellness, and safety.

Kolody says there was one bright spot of the report.

"Our youth are the most positive about what's happening in our community," says Kolody. "They give many of the scores higher scores than anyone else in the community and they seem to really have an investment in Windsor-Essex."

According to Kolody, respondents were also concerned about our water, including the health of Lake Erie.

"95% of people said say we need to keep an eye on our water quality and we care about how healthy Lake Erie is, we think that's important too, to be able to put the efforts in to sustaining our own environment."

This is the seventh  year for the report.

Some of the other top priorities identified include providing a living wage to employees, improving access to mental health programs and services and improving the affordability of housing.