Several federal candidates back 'Platform 4 Windsor'


With the federal election quickly approaching, Mayor Drew Dilkens says the five points in the 'Platform 4 Windsor' have now been approved by the six candidates running for the three main political parties in Windsor West and Windsor Tecumseh.

Dilkens spoke about the commitments he's received from the candidates on AM800's Morning Drive, saying he's glad that they were all so receptive to look at the issues.

"Many came in to have discussions with me about the issues and we sent them away with lots of information about how we came to this decision on these five issues all of which have gone to city council and they all agree that these are important issues for Windsor, so I'm really happy to get that traction."

Despite the productive discussions and developments, Dilkens says he doesn't plan on endorsing any party or candidate ahead of the election.

"I put forward the Platform for Windsor, which was really Windsor focused saying here are the five issues that I think are really important in this election that we've been working on collectively as a city council. So that was what I was focused on, trying to get traction among all of the candidates from the three main parties in both ridings."

Dilkens believes its important to be non-partisan and lay issues on the table, because whoever is elected on September 20, they'll be called upon.

"If you're elected and you're sent to Ottawa to represent Windsor West or Windsor Tecumseh, you can bet that these five issues we're going to push. Make sure that you are in support of these five issues because that's a good sign to the community that we're working together. That you're recognizing that the municipality has issues, and the municipality, we're the level of government that has the least amount of resources."

The Platform 4 Windsor includes getting a new hospital built, establishing a National Urban Park in Ojibway Shores, a revamp of the Adie Knox Herman Recreation Complex, securing the future of the local auto sector and moving forward with flood mitigation.