Several Residents Opposed to Proposed Colchester Motel


Nearby residents are not happy with a proposed motel in Colchester.

A public meeting was held Monday night with several people raising concerns over traffic, noise and parking.

The owners of the Grove Hotel in Kingsville have proposed a two story, 28-room motel on County Rd. 50 near Colchester Beach. 

Resident Chris Smith feels the community isn't being listened to.

"Council, they're worried about a tree or some parking, but nobody is worried about the residents that are really going to be affected by this," he says. "Traffic, a big concern. Noise, night time noise, you're talking 28 units. Property values."

Smith says it's a great idea, but not a good fit for Colchester.

"I live across the street. Right now, I wake up to a nice treed lot. This stuff should be on lake front, not in the hamlet of Colchester. I think the ideas are good, but I think they should move outside the residential area. I just don't feel it's a good area for it myself," adds Smith.

Resident Kelly Bedal says Colchester is already a busy place in the summer and more traffic won't make things any better.

"We live right on this corner and it is horrendous out here especially during the busy summer. We hear the tires screeching, we hear the yelling, we hear the horns honking. There's so many near accidents and you are adding more traffic to the area," she says.

Public feedback will be included in a report to be brought before council on June 21 — a final decision is expected to be made at that meeting.