Significant changes coming to WECHU COVID-19 website


The Windsor-Essex County Health Unit plans to unveil 'significant' changes to the way it presents local COVID-19 data on its website.

CEO Nicole Dupuis says the health unit's epi-team is working on the updates and hopes to have the updated COVID-19 page up and running next week. 

"We're looking at just revamping the entire page," says Dupuis.  "Certainly we'll need to provide different descriptions and we always want to inform people what the information means."  

She says there will be changes to the local COVID-19 dashboard and indicators.

"We'll still report some of the testing information that we have all be it with some considerations for how best to interpret it as well we'll be looking at hospitalizations," she says.  "We'll likely be removing some of the breakdowns by age and gender because with the limitations."

Dupuis says there will be some add-ons and removals to the page.

"We'll be adding elements and I think we've spoken to this before around wastewater data which we still have access to, so it will be some significant changes," says Dupuis.    

As AM800 news reported in November, the health unit announced it was looking to be more consistent and made some changes to its website.

At that time, changes were made to the way the health unit reported outbreaks.