SIU Clears Two Windsor Police Officers


The province's Special Investigations Unit has cleared two Windsor police officers of any wrongdoing 

Back in December, police were called to an apartment building on Chatham Street and apprehended a 42-year-old man under the Mental Health Act.

The SIU says during the apprehension, the man suffered a fracture to his clavicle.

Two SIU investigators were assigned to the file.

According to the SIU, the man's wife called 911 and told dispatch she was concerned with the man's behaviour.

She said the man had a mental health disorder and had access to knives.

When officers arrived, the woman met them in the lobby and said, the man was depressed and threatened her.

The SIU says the man then exited the elevator, had two knives concealed and was carrying a baseball bat in his jacket.

He was intercepted by police and an officer used a bear hug to take him to the ground.

The SIU says the man was handcuffed and was taken into custody.

At that time, he complained of pain in his right shoulder and was taken to hospital where he was diagnosed with a fracture clavicle.

SIU Interim Director Joseph Martino determined there was no reasonable grounds to lay criminal charges against the police officers.

In his report, he stated the force used by officers was legally justified.