Skills Ontario Wants to Debunk Myths About Skilled Trades


With the construction of the Gordie Howe International Bridge and an acute care regional hospital set to go up in the coming years, Windsor is in dire need of skilled trades.

That shortage is shared across the province and Skills Ontario is setting out to debunk the myths about the skilled trades.

There are many common misconceptions about working in the trades that are hampering the work to solve Ontario's labour shortage.

That's according to Skills Ontario CEO Ian Howcroft who says the goal is to make sure young people are aware of all career options they could consider.

Howcroft says they're looking to educate parents as well.

"There has been a sense that to be successful one has to go to university," he says. "Parents often have their idea of what their children should do when it comes to a career and they often encourage them to go to a university because they're probably not aware of what the opportunities are for someone pursuing a skilled trade."

Howcroft says not all trades are dirty and back-breaking.

"There are some trades that do have that manual labour element to them and some are dirty, but for the most part we're using technology to eliminate some of the manual parts," he says. "Even the traditional trades are using and relying more and more on technology to do the jobs better."

Howcroft says many people think you can't get a good paycheque in the trades.

"That's another myth we're trying to dispel," he says. "There's many opportunities that are paying in the six figures. You finish your apprenticeship and get out there and you start earning a significant income from the beginning of your career. If you get into the right apprenticeship you can start earning while you're learning."

Howcroft adds Skills Ontario has introduced several specialized programs for women as very few are pursuing skilled trades. 

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With files from Patty Handysides