Slight Tax Increase Expected for Essex County Residents


The 2020 draft budget is out for the County of Essex.

It calls for a 0.67% tax increase and Warden Gary McNamara says the increase seems very reasonable and is similar to last year's budget.

He says the county is relatively debt free.

"There's no tax supported dollars required to fund debt so that's the good news but we do have some impacts that we have to be concerned about, not only for 2020 but moving forward beyond that, 21, 22 and it's basically a lot of the unknowns from the upper levels of government," says McNamara.     

He says the county budget is roughly $109-million.

"What we're trying to do is to continue to build on our long term fiscal sustainability and we still believe in pay as you go and building some very strategic reserves for building towards our capital roads needs," says McNamara adding, there is some good news including a strong economy for the county, "There's been a lot of new assessment coming in from our seven lower tiered municipalities and I think after everything is said and done, we're looking at a budget requirement moving forward of 109-million, a little over 109-million," he says.

The increase worked out to an additional $13 on a house assessed at $200,000.

County council will hold budget deliberations on Wednesday at the Essex Civic Centre starting at 4pm.