Snow Plows Ready to Hit the Streets in Windsor


The City of Windsor is gearing up for a significant amount of snow Tuesday morning.

Up to 8cm of snow could wind up on the ground when all is said and done and Executive Director of Operations Dwayne Dawson says plows are ready to hit the streets.

"We did get out in advance of the storm and placed some brine on all of our main routes," he says. "That will assist when the initial snowfall hit; it won't stick and it will give us some extra time to tend to those routes."

He tells AM800 News reduced traffic due to the COVID-19 pandemic will both help and hurt efforts to clear area roadways.

"It's easier to maneuver and to get through the routes, but we do rely upon the traffic," says Dawson. "More traffic helps activate that salt and clears the roads faster."

Dawson is reminding residents and business that clearing walkways isn't just a courtesy, it's a requirement.

"Ensure that your sidewalks are cleared after the snowfall is over. Residents have 12-hours to clear those sidewalks and for commercial areas that's down to four," he added.

He's asking commuters to take their time and give plows plenty of space to operate.

The city is still seeking Snow Angels to help clear snow for senior citizens and residents with physical disabilities.

For more information on how to volunteer visit the city's website or reach out through the 311 Call Centre.