So Far, So Good for LaSalle's Emergency Alert System


LaSalle's Fire Chief is pleased with town's emergency alert system.

Dave Sutton says the system was launched about two years ago and only a couple alerts have been sent out along with a few test alerts.

"We try to find that happy medium of testing usually annually without being overly intrusive for residents and for individuals that may not want to be bothered on a more regular basis," says Sutton.

He says alerts can be sent out for different areas in the municipality.

"We can zero in on particular zones or areas of the municipality so as an example the waterfront area west of Front Road in a flooding situation, we can actually send out a message just to that affected area," says Sutton.  "So not everybody in the municipality that's registered in the system would get that message in that case."

Sutton says if an emergency occurs an alert will be sent out via a text message, phone call or email.

"The system would be used to notify individuals of protective actions and what the municipality is doing or if reception or evacuation centres are opened up or those kind of things in response to having had a severe weather event that's what we would use the system for."

Sutton says since the launch, several thousand people have signed up.                 

Residents can register for the service at