Some city officials see first hand downtown Detroit's revitalization


What's the plan to help revitalize downtown Windsor?

That question was asked on Thursday as some city councillors and city staff visited and tour areas of downtown Detroit.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, ward 3 city councillor Renaldo Agostino says they were invited by Rocket Mortgage and Financial teams to go over and see what they've done to improve their downtown.   

He says officials were told by the team from Detroit, that improving safety was the first step to help revitalize Detroit's core.

"When you see how they've use technology to really make safety and security which is definitely the biggest component of what they've done but it's not the only component but it was the first component," he says.  "They really really wanted to make things safe.  We didn't have this grand scheme of creating this zone around downtown Detroit where there's private security, where there's additional police, where there's cameras, where they see buttons every where.  It wasn't our intent to do this, our original intent was just to make sure that we had someone to walk our employees to their cars and that our employees felt safe coming to work in downtown Detroit."       

Agostino says a lot of questions were asked during the three and a half hour trip as they visited different sites.

"It all started with just getting people safely to their cars and now they've really created this public-private partnership but it all started with safety," says Agostino.  "When they started with safety then the revitalization, then the parks, then the transit.  It was incredible to see."  

Agostino describes Chatham Street as the rebirth of downtown Windsor.

He says you can already see the connections, synergies, and opportunities to downtown Detroit.

Agostino feels Windsor is heading in the right direction and plans to talk about the tour and what he learned with Mayor Drew Dilkens and other members of council.