Some Parents Overpaid for School Strike Compensation


The Ontario government has admitted it has overpaid some parents for the days elementary teachers have been on strike and the MPP for Windsor West isn't surprised.

The province announced in January that it was compensating parents of children affected by the elementary strikes, of up to $60 a day.

But in some cases, parents have received four times more which the government blames on the computer system, which also counted the days of the secondary teachers strike, even though parents of high school students don't qualify for the compensation.

NDP MPP for Windsor-West Lisa Gretzky believes by giving parents money for teacher strike days, the province is planning on prolonging the labour dispute.

"We look historically at the record of this Conservative government, they do a lot of cut first,  think later, act first and think later and so I think it is indicative of how they bungled and continue to bungle files," she says. 

Gretzky points out this could have been avoided but, "They [province] rush to make decisions, they don't think it through thoroughly and then when a problem arises, often times they deflect and blame it on somebody else."

The different teachers union have been taking part in rotating strikes to back contract demands and have escalated their job action to strike a few days each week.

Gretzky is calling on the government to cancel the proposed education cuts and get back to the bargaining table.

Public elementary teachers in Ontario, including Windsor-Essex, are taking part in a province-wide strike on Thursday and will again be off the job on Friday as part of local rotating strikes

The province has not indicated how much money was overpaid, but Ministry of Education officials say it affects a small number of parents.