Some Windsor Public Library Branches Set to Reopen


The Windsor Public Library has announced its Stage 3 reopening plans.

Library Board Chair Rino Bortolin, says the Central, Budimir, Riverside and the Local History branches will reopen on August 31.

He describes the reopening of those branches as a trial run and if all goes well, the remaining branches in the city will open on September 8.

"They'll be almost a full week, a little bit more there to just sort of see what's working, see what's not, see if any tweaks need to be made and then the rest of the branches will open in September, " says Bortolin.    

Bortolin believes users will return to the branches.

"I think some people will probably continue just to use the online services as far as reserving books, those types of things but I think there's no replacement for actually being able to come into a branch," he says.

Bortolin says users are asked to follow all safety measures that have been put in place.

Masks will also be mandatory under the city's bylaw.

WPL adds once the branches reopen, the curbside pick-up service will end.