South Shore Christian School Buys Former Mill Street Public School


South Shore Christian School has a new home.

Board member Sharon Arthurs-Pepper says the school has purchased the former Mill Street Public School from the Municipality of Leamington.

She says they get possession of the school on June 28 and they plan to have it ready for the beginning of the next school year, adding the school has been operating out of South Point Community Church.

"We're very thankful that they were able to house us there for those many years but enrolment has been growing and so we just felt the opportunity that Mill Street might be there, that we would approach the town and see what we could do," says Arthurs-Pepper.     

She says the school community is looking forward to the move.

"When this announcement was made and finalized I guess, we were able to tell our families and they were super excited that we could move into a facility of our own that we've been waiting for quite a long time," says Arthurs-Pepper.      

Founded 15 years a go, the school currently has 135 students but can now accommodate 285 students.

The purchase price of the school has not been released.