South Windsor bakery owner upset after shop broken into over the weekend


A south Windsor bakery owner is asking why.

Doug Romanek of Nana's Bakery on Dominion Boulevard near Grand Marais Road says his bakery was broken into early Sunday morning.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Romanek says someone broke in through the door and took some product along with money from the till.

He says when he pulled up to the bakery, he saw two police cars in the parking lot.

"I saw the cars and I thought it was police in the area, I know some of them," says Romanek.  "I got my keys out to unlock the door and I looked at the door and I said, geez this isn't suppose to look like this." 

Romanek says he was collecting donations in a collection jar for a local athlete heading to Portugal in October for the World Down Syndrome Swimming Championships but says that money was also stolen.

"We were just throwing our tips in there and some customers were putting stuff in, it's like what I told the policeman that yeah you took my money out of my till and you took a bunch of other stuff and all this but why take the money I'm raising for a fundraiser," says Romanek.   

He says it's upsetting but after posting what happened on social media, he's been receiving support from the Windsor-Essex community and from outside the area.

"We've had comments coming in from New Brunswick, from Toronto, London, out west people say so sorry that's happened and all this stuff which is nice to see that there's still a lot of nice people out in the world," he says.    

Romanek says the bakery is once again collecting donations for the local athlete.

He says it's the first time in 25 years someone broke into his bakery.