St. Clair College Stays Proactive When it comes to Coronavirus


With just over 42% of its students coming from overseas, St. Clair College is keeping a close eye on the coronavirus outbreak.

President Patti France says the school has set up a website for information and has teachers opening dialogues with students.

She says the goal is dispel myths surrounding the virus, "by giving them the information and making them feel comfortable asking questions, that open communication and transparency I think has been very helpful."

France says several international students returning from areas surrounding the outbreak have voluntarily quarantined themselves.

"When they came back, although they had no symptoms, they were very helpful and agreed to stay home," says France. "We helped them with home assignments and curriculum so they could still honour the 14 day quarantine time frame and come back to class."

Recruiting trips to China and countries on the outskirts of China have been postponed, she added.

"There was no urgency to those trips so we've just asked them to proactive and postpone them," Frances says. "Once this hopefully moved on and been rectified or settles down we'll revisit those travel plans."

More than 12,000 students are currently enrolled at St. Clair College.