St. Clair College Students Give Big to Goodfellows


Police and Security Students at St. Clair College have made a significant donation to the Windsor Goodfellows.

Members of the PSI Society sold papers and held other fundraiser and banked $14,300, about double what they raised last year.

The college has stepped up and matched the donation so the Goodfellows receive $28,600 this year.


Windsor Goodfellows President Gilbert Barichello, St. Clair College PSI Society President Chelsea Derenowski, December 10, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

PSI Society President Chelsea Derenoski says it's a good feeling to give back.

"It felt amazing" says Derenowski, "I was very honoured to represent this amazing society because I've been part of it for the last two years and I just got my leadership role this year.  It made me feel very passionate you know to put my inspiration into the new student coming along."

Derenoski says they stepped up their fundraising this year.

"We expanded our locations, we kind of explored a little bit around south Windsor more, taking the initiative to see what corners were empty and take their spots" Derenowski explains. "We had more outgoing students go through the school, we assessed the needs where the busy areas were so we recruited a lot of student this year."

Goodfellows President Gilbert Barichello is thankful for the donation, which will be much needed.

"We're going to be doing well over 3000 baskets this year.  They're going out this week, they're going to start Wednesday with the organizations and then Thursday, Friday and Monday for the people that have signed up since Thanksgiving in October."

The Goodfellows have also expanded their school nutrition program to 28 schools, including 3 high schools.

The final tally from the paper drive this year is expected later this week.