St. Clair Recognized as Number One in North America


St. Clair College and its I.T. students are being recognized by global computing giant Cisco Systems.

Of all the academic institutions in North America, the college is number one for enrolment in the Cicso Networking Academy.

It's an online program that includes courses, career mentoring and connections to employment opportunities.

In 2018 alone nearly 1,700 St. Clair College students enrolled and almost a quarter were female.

Cisco Canada President Rola Dagher says the statistics for St. Clair are remarkable.

"We looked at the statistics and St. Clair jumped right off the bat. It was 1680 students enrolled in one year, which is the highest.  and it's 10-percent more than any of the other national academic enrolments that we've seen globally"

She says the college is a great partner.

"Innovative, disruptive, and they have yet to scratch the surface because I know they have a long way to go as well to making it bigger and bigger and we're excited to be partnering with them to ensure that St. Clair College continues and remains number one across all of North America"

St. Clair Graduate Zaenab Allawi now works at Vollmer Incorporated and says her final year project at the company was the key.


St. Clair College graduate Zaenab Allawi, April 4, 2019 (by AM800's Peter Langille)

"When they were looking to hire someone I put my name in and seeing a familiar face and getting to interact with us on a daily basis when we were there gave us a chance to have an interview and I was recognized for my hard work and that got me the job"

St. Clair College President Patti France says the 14 year partnership with Cisco has been a main ingredient for the success of students in the IT programs.