Stakeholders Come Together to Discuss Windsor's Economic Future


The future of Windsor's economy will be the focus of a special meeting of council.

Eighteen delegations are set to hear the city's economic development strategy Monday morning. Community leaders in the education, commerce, community planning, healthcare, manufacturing, tech and tourism sectors will be on hand to provide feedback.

WEtech Alliance President and CEO Yvonne Pillon expects the focus to be on collaboration.

"So many partners, specifically, in economic development, St. Clair College, the University of Windsor, are doing great things," she says. "I think the urgency or message will be having a coherent strategy that everyone can follow."

Pillon plans to stress the need to develop the tech industry, to keep the region's best and brightest in Windsor.

"I look at it as, what is the opportunity cost with every student that graduates and leaves the region or every start up that leaves the region," she added.

She says Windsor can still diversify its economy and embrace its automotive roots.

"There is this collision between two industries, which amplifies a need to build up our tech ecosystem to support and collaborate with our manufacturers to design and build the car of the future," she says.

The special meeting of council begins its livestream Monday at 11 a.m.