State of Emergency Lifted in Wheatley


A State of Emergency in Wheatley has been lifted.

The emergency measure went into effect on June 2 after a reported gas leak at 15 Erie St. N.


Emergency officials in Chatham-Kent continue to monitor a gas leak in Wheatley, June 4, 2021. (Photo courtesy of Chatham-Kent Fire & Rescue Service)

According to the Chatham-Kent Fire Service, 16 people were displaced and utilities had been cut off to the area since June 3.

Gas readings were performed by the Provincial Hazardous Materials Team and a private sector gas monitoring company and no hydrogen sulphide gas has been detected at that site since June 4.

According to a previous release, the municipality consulted with industry experts who have recommended private property owners consider gas monitoring moving forward.

Hydrogen sulphide is a naturally occurring gas that is both toxic and flammable.