Students Encouraged to Head Straight Home for Thanksgiving


Students returning to Windsor-Essex for the Thanksgiving long weekend are being asked to go straight home with no stops or visits along the way.

"If someone is coming from somewhere else to Windsor come, do your Thanksgiving dinner, stay with your family and then go back immediately, don't do anything else," says Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Medical Officer of Health. "I think that way we can avoid any potential exposure, potential transmission even if there's a case."     

He says the same request is being asked for students who are leaving the area for the weekend to return home.

"Obviously the recommendation is if you can avoid that travel please do but let's say if you choose to go to meet your parents, you go immediately, you go home, you have your dinner, you stay home and then you come back immediately, as soon as possible without doing anything else on the side," says Dr. Wajid Ahmed, Medical Officer of Health.

Dr. Ahmed says avoiding any potential exposure along with potential transmission of COVID-19 is key this coming weekend.

"People can make that decision whether what they want to do with them self but for the community, it's really, really important that they follow this.”