Students Get Glimpse of Inner Workings at City Hall


About 80 Grade 9 students received a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings at Windsor City Hall.

It was part of 'Take Our Kids to Work' on Wednesday, where students job shadow a parent or relative at 18 different departments at city hall.

Brook St. John was job shadowing her father who works in the parks department.  She expects to get a better appreciation of what he does all day.

"Well usually he just cuts grass, but I figured out that he does a lot more than just cut grass because he just doesn't sit around on his butt all day," she says.

As for her father, Robert St. John, he believes the experience will be interesting.

"Scary," he laughs.  "It is more of an understanding of what I do all day."

City Treasurer Joe Mancina hopes the students get a clearer picture of what they want to do when they are older. 

"I recall it was extremely daunting to try to select a career path especially given the vast number of choices available," Mancina told the crowd.  "But I can tell you that events such as this did not exist at that time and so I encourage, each of you, to seize this opportunity and get as much as you can out of today's events."

The Learning Partnership, a non-profit organization, launched Take Our Kids to Work Day in 1994 to create a learning opportunity for students.