Students, Teachers Ready for School Year


Back to school is a mixed bag of emotions for students across Windsor-Essex.

West Gate Public School on Campbell Ave in Windsor welcomed students back and introduced students to new teachers and classrooms.

Grade 2 student Effie says going back to school is all about her friends while Mayada says she is looking forward to art class and reading new materials.

About 36,000 students attend a public school in Windsor-Essex. 

At the Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board, it's not the first day for teachers and support staff.

Spokesperson Stephen Fields says teachers have already been hard at work for weeks.

"It's been a real beehive of activity here around the board office in the last week. We have our teacher's centre here, so there are a lot of teachers coming in getting all their materials prepared for the year," he says. 

Some unsung heroes are also behind the scenes, according to Fields.

"Our facilities services department has been working really hard to make sure that all the schools are in top notch condition," says Fields. "Our custodial staff and all of those people just making sure that it's a smooth ... start for our students when they come back."

Enrollment numbers won't be in until later this fall, but Fields says rough numbers are strong so far.

"One school, for instance, over on the west-end had something like 12 walk-ins in one day. It looks like we're going to be very strong this year, which is great news for our system, great news for our teachers," he says. 

Fields says it's too early to tell if strong enrollment numbers will assure teachers aren't laid off.

He says the goal is to make sure staff is where they belong every year, teaching in the classroom.