Study Finds UWindsor Top of the Class in Economic Impact


A bright future ahead for the University of Windsor.

That's according to a recent study done by KPMG which found the school continues to have a "dramatic and transformative economic impact" and will continue to do so moving forward.

Acting Associate Vice President Vincent Georgie says a number of aspects were factored in including the university's unique location at a major border and its depth of educational programming.

Georgie says UWindsor plays a major role in the productivity and growth of the local economy.

"Part of our strategic goals are to make sure that we're being as impactful on our local community, our region and, ultimately, our country as much as possible," he says. "All the ways that we're contributing in dollars, in people hours and all the different ways that the university advances the region."

Georgie says big money has been spent on the transformation of downtown Windsor.

"Over a five year period we've spent a whopping $88-million rejuvenating downtown Windsor in our work at the armouries and the Alan Wildeman Building and also our Windsor Hall building which houses our social work program," he says.

Georgie says students gave hundreds of thousands of hours to the community last year.

"Experiential learning and community-based learning, it's one of the ways that we measure how we're being impactful," he says. "Nursing students, over 140,000 hours. Psychology students, 30,000 hours in a single year. It's a lot of impact and it's something that we believe shows that we're on our way to fulfilling our mission."

The study found the university's total annual economic impact to be roughly $669-million.

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