Superior Court Denies Vote Recount in Chatham-Kent


The Ontario Superior Court says no to a recount in Chatham.

Chatham-Kent mayoral candidate Robert Powers wanted a recount for Ward 1 in the 2018 Municipal Election, which includes Tilbury and Wheatley.

According to Powers, there were concerns over certain ballots being classified as an, "unspecified poll."

Ontario Superior Court and Justice Howard dismissed the request after hearing arguments from legal counsel on Wednesday.

Stating, "such information is not required to be on the ballots but rather is additional, optional information that the respondent included in the ballots for informational and or statistical purposes."

Chatham-Kent Chief Returning Officer Judy Smith says the town is pleased the ruling reflected a clean election in 2018.

The official results showed Mark Authier and Melissa Harrigan as the successful candidates with 1,991 and 1,682 votes respectively.

Bryon Fluker was the closest candidate with 1,050 votes, but Mark Pastorius, and Jordan Dell combined for less than 400 votes.