Tablets donated to seniors experiencing isolation


The COVID-19 pandemic has made it nearly impossible for many seniors to keep in touch with loved ones — but a new partnership is looking to fix that problem.

The Victorian Order of Nurses' meals on wheels program and Voices of the Nations are donating 20 tablets to seniors living alone while also providing youth volunteers to teach them how to use them.

CEO of Voices of the Nations Peter Ruparelia says, with a possible fourth wave on the horizon, lockdowns and isolation could become a reality once again.

"We wanted to distribute them to the seniors so they could re-connect with relatives and friends. You know, be in touch with society. Right now with COVID they're isolated and they need all the help we can give them right," Ruparelia said.

Ruparelia says he wishes they could give tablets to every senior in Windsor, but they're limited by the number donated. 

Still, he believes it's going to benefit the seniors involved.

"One of the things we're going to do is set up links on the tablet, the young people that are going to work with seniors, they're going to set up the link for them so all they have to do is click on that link and they'll have access to health and wellness seminars," he said, adding they'll also have access to some types of entertainment as well.

Ruparelia says what he likes the most about this partnership is that three organizations were able to come together to serve one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

"That really warms my heart how three of us can work together and meet a need, even if it's just 20 seniors at least it's 20 helped."

The tablet donation was made possible through the federal government's 'New Horizons' grant program for seniors.