Take Precautions and Enjoy Everything Safely: Dr. Ahmed


With Ontario now in step two of its reopening plan, the Medical Officer of Health for Windsor-Essex continues to ask residents to follow all public health safety measures.

Dr. Wajid Ahmed says it's important for residents to wear masks in public indoor spaces, follow gathering restrictions and remember not everyone is vaccinated.

"As we open up, not everything is opening up so please be mindful of what you can and cannot do," says Dr. Ahmed.  "Still it doesn't mean that all the risks are gone.  There's still certainly level of risk that exist and some situations are more riskier situations than the others."       

He says case counts are relatively stable in the region.

"Everytime when you are meeting with people who do not live with you, there's a certain level of risk involved so please take all the precautions as you need and enjoy everything safely," he says.   

Ontario entered step 2 of its reopening plan on Wednesday.

Step 2 also allows personal care services like hair and nail salons to open on an appointment basis with 25% capacity while outdoor dining at restaurants has been increased to six people per table.