TD Bank Group donates $100,000 to the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation


TD Bank Group is donating $100,000 to the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation to fund the addition of Artificial Intelligence to the Clinical Trials Navigator.

Houida Kassem, Executive Director of the foundation, says she's thrilled for what the donation will mean for clinical trials. 

"So because of this huge investment, we're talking $100,000, over 30 patients per week could be assessed for eligibility for clinical trials, compared to just four patients per week reviewed with current technology."

Artificial Intelligence is expected to dramatically increase access to clinical trials for cancer patients in the Windsor-Essex region. 

Dr. Caroline Hamm, Clinical Research Director of WE-Spark Health Institute's Cancer Program, says the Artificial Intelligence will move things along much quicker.

She says entering everything manually can sometimes take 12 hours to locate a trial for a patient. 

"They'll be taking patients information, like the type of cancer they have, the stage of cancer they have, and the treatments they've had before, and electronically matching it to whatever clinical trials are available to that patient on the various websites that we use when we search for clinical trials manually."

Hamm adds that she thinks the Artificial Intelligence will help ease the minds of those who need a clinical trial in knowing that every option has been looked at. 

"It's the hope that there might be something new out there, without hopefully giving false hope, which I never want to do. But it's also knowing you've done everything, like we've searched, we couldn't find a clinical trial for you, right now there isn't another option, and that does give people a sense of peace as well." 

The Artificial Intelligence funded by TD would bring equitable access to clinical trials in smaller centres such as the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre. 

The second phase is expected to begin in Summer 2022 and will serve patients across Essex, Kent, and Lambton counties.