Tecumseh Buys High Water Rescue Vehicle


Tecumseh will soon have a new High Water Rescue Vehicle.

Council has approved the purchase of the approximately $230,000 vehicle that is designed to carry 17 people with space for wheelchairs and includes a power lift gate to aid in loading and unloading. 

Mayor Gary McNamara tells AM800 News, the purchase was sparked by extraordinary floods and high lake levels the municipality has experienced over the past few years.

"With the onset of climate change and the unpredictability in terms of rain events and storms, it's a vehicle that will be used in our community for the purpose of rescue and able to manage up to four feet of water."

Should a neighbouring municipality experience an event where the vehicle could be useful, McNamara says Tecumseh would share it.

"Well as a good neighbour we'd say we'd go and help them," he says. "We do have mutual aid, all our fire departments, including the city, we have protocol arrangements. So the quick answer is yes, we certainly would be capable of helping our neighbours."

Council approved funding for the vehicle in January which McNamara says will come from a special reserve portion of the budget.

"We have life-cycling which is utilized for the various fleets that we have," he says. "So it's coming out of a special reserve life-cycle for apparatus."

There are no Canadian manufacturers for this type of vehicle so McNamara says it is coming from a manufacturer in Iowa. He expects it to arrive in six to nine months.