Tecumseh Changing its Boardwalk at Lakewood Park


Changes are coming to the boardwalk at Lakewood Park in Tecumseh.

Town council has voted in favour of removing the wooden deck and replacing it with concrete.

Mayor Gary McNamara says the durability of the wooden pier has not lasted over the years and is costing the town tens of thousands of dollars to fix the structure.

He says the town is concerned about the safety of the boardwalk.

"The durability of the boardwalk itself has not lasted," says McNamara.  "There's some areas where we've replaced them three times since the park was built so it seems like every year, there has to be a hard investment and replacing a whole bunch of them."   

He says the town has already tested out a concrete section for the boardwalk. 

"We removed a section of it and replaced it with a more permanent solution in the concrete and that's been far more durable and has eliminated a lot of the trip hazards that were being caused by the deterioration, premature of the boardwalk itself," McNamara.     

McNamara says it was costing the town a lot of money to change the wooden planks on the boardwalk.

"It was costing us tens of thousands of dollars every year just to replace the planking over the course of the years," say McNamara.  "The $122,000 to finalize it and from what we've experienced it from the trial we did, it's a far more sustainable end product that we're going to be happy with."        

The cost of the project is around $122,000. and Facca Incorporated has been awarded the tender.

Work is expected to start this spring and finish by the busy summer months.