Tecumseh council approves Rodent Abatement pilot project


The Town of Tecumseh has been approved for $10,000 to fund a pilot project to help residential property owners with rat eradication. 

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara says the main cause for rodents is food left out, bird feed, tall grass and compost piles left uncovered. 

He says people need to be aware of what they're leaving out. 

"Our citizens love to feed birds and so forth, but have to be cautious of the fact that that's a food source also for rodents, and to be very very attentive in terms of how much food is put out and left out."

McNamara says that rats are smart animals and will continue to come back unless they are dealt with properly.

"It's pointless to send somebody, a rodent, to put poison or traps up or whatever they will do, they'll just keep coming, and so we've got to take all of those steps and the eradication at the end," he said.

He says Tecumseh has seen more growth in the community and businesses, meaning more rodents as well.

"As the population grows, again habitats, food sources, all of that plays into it," McNamara continued. "And the other big factor as well, is that our winters now are so mild that they actually survive from winter to winter."

It's anticipated that the funding will provide approximately 50 residential properties to take part in the pilot program for the rest of the calendar year.