Tecumseh Discourages Gatherings at Local Parks

The Town of Tecumseh is closing its dog park and skate park along with some equipment at Lakewood Park.
Director of Parks and Recreation Paul Anthony says the town is introducing the new measures to encourage social and physical distancing.
He says the town has been receiving calls from concerned residents about gatherings at the parks.
"We know that we can't close off all of our playground equipment but there will be signage going up as well, says Anthony.  "Once again we do not have the staff or the capabilities right now to disinfect those pieces of equipment, there's lots of touch pieces, so again it's safety for the community."
Anthony says the town realizes the importance of exercise and getting some fresh air but social distancing is needed.
The town will be putting caution tape around its playground equipment.
Outdoor washrooms will remain closed and tennis and pickleball courts will be locked.