Tecumseh Residents to Discuss By-Law Preventing Cannabis Greenhouses


Some Tecumseh residents will go before council Tuesday to ask for more when it comes to a zoning amendment to prevent future cannabis greenhouses.

"The laws that are on the books include by default cannabis, so it's considered another crop unless you take the opportunity to specifically change your by-laws to exclude it," says Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Dowie.

In response to resident complaints the land use was inappropriate, council proposed an amendment that will exclude livestock intensive use and greenhouses on agricultural land moving forward.

Dowie says that's not enough for some neighbouring homeowners.

"Should they be changed they want those rules to be applied retro-actively to not allow the development — that is otherwise legal — to proceed," he says. 

Attempting to block the project with the amendment would likely have legal implications, according to Dowie.

"Going forward is a different matter, but if the applicant is respecting all the rules that are in place [at the time of approval] then that really is a difficult ask," he added.

Seven delegations will participate in a virtual public consultation to go along with 12 written submissions Tuesday night.

The livestream starts at 5 p.m. and will be followed by council's regularly scheduled meeting.