Tecumseh streamlining building permit application process


The Town of Tecumseh is going to make it easier for contractors, developers and anyone else to apply for a building permit.

The town has launched an new e-permitting software system called Cloudpermit to process all building permit applications.

The Cloudpermit building permit system is a program designed to streamline the application process.

It allows residents, builders, and businesses to apply for and see the status of an application, inspection requests, and approvals from anywhere, at any time.

Tecumseh Chief Building Official, Peter Valore, says this is important to get with the times.

"This industry does demand modernization, efficiency," he says. "People do like the ability of working from a cellphone where you can book your inspection online, you can receive updates online. You can communicate with the building department if these's any questions or issues with the submitted plans or application."

Valore says this will allow them to work with the system while they're in the field as opposed to doing hand written notes, coming back in the office, uploading them and doing traditional paperwork.

He says this will also allow town staff to respond in real time.

"If there's a deficiency in the field, the inspector can send a message to the contractor saying 'hey, I noted this here.' That could lead to a quicker turn around where the contractor gets the message and the inspector has the ability to swing back around. They made the correction and hopefully move that project forward," he says.

Valore adds they will still be available to assist town residents, especially those seeking a permit for a smaller project, when it comes to the navigating the permitting process.

A link to the new e-permitting system can be found on the Town of Tecumseh website.

The town of Essex adopted a similar e-permitting system in early October.