Tecumseh to Look at Cannabis Production By-Law

Greenhouse Glow in Essex Country (Steve Bastien / Facebook)

Tecumseh will look at putting regulations in place for cannabis production facilities.

Council voted in favour of a motion from Ward 5 Councillor Tania Jobin to have administration look at by-laws policing light and odour pollution from greenhouse operations.

The move comes weeks after public outcry over an Oldcastle pot operation that resulted in a planning by-law requiring future greenhouse operations go to a public meeting before approval.

Ward 1 Councillor Andrew Dowie says Tecumseh will look to surrounding municipalities already dealing with the issue.

"We can see from Grosse Pointe, Mich. what's happening out in Kingsville and Leamington and those municipalities have looked into bylaws that restrict that sort of environmental spill over," he says.

He says a by-law could keep Tecumseh ahead of future problems.

"To ensure that when instances of excessive light and odour are reported that we have a couple of different mechanisms to ensure that we can bring those properties back into compliance," he added.

Dowie says council doesn't want to see Tecumseh face the same issues being dealt with in Leamington and Kingsville.

"That's the last thing that anyone wants to see happen," he says. "We want development that coexists well with existing neighbourhoods."

Leamington has a by-law in the works and Kingsville recently implemented a light abatement by-law to prohibit excessive lighting from greenhouses.

A report will return to council in the coming weeks.