Tecumseh to Reconsider Allowing Retail Cannabis Stores


The Town of Tecumseh is reconsidering its stance on retail cannabis stores.

Council voted against allowing pot shops in December of 2018 and decided to take a wait-and-see approach as the market developed.

The town voted unanimously to reconsider the decision at Tuesday night's council meeting after listening to an appeal from Sam and Robert Katzman. 

The father and son team own Greentown Cannabis, operating stores in Alberta and downtown Windsor.

Robert Katzman says some of the fears people associated with pot shops simply aren't an issue.

"There's no such nonsense as loitering. These are things that people were concerned about when we first started in cannabis retail and none of these problems materialized," he added.

The Katzman's have been in the bar business for decades. 

While alcohol sales also fall under the wing of the AGCO, Katzman says there's zero comparison when it comes to operating an establishment.

"We forever live in fear in the alcohol business ... with confrontation and silly behavior when the bar closes," he says. "There's just no comparison; cannabis has not proven to be disruptive to the community whatsoever."

Sam Katzman says their are a lot of misconceptions out there on the cliental cannabis shops attract.

"What we've seen in our stores, and even dating back to Alberta, is that the average age of our customer is 45-years-old," he added.

Ward 3 Councillor Rino Bortolin submitted a letter of support saying the Downtown Windsor Business Improvement Association and the Windsor Police Service has been monitoring pot shops in the city's core.

Bortolin wrote, "Greentown has been a valuable addition to our downtown core as they operate in a responsible manner and have only been good neighbours."

The town directed administration to compile a report for council to make a final decision at a future meeting.