Temporary Solution to End Blockade at the Windsor Assembly Plant


A new development in connection with a blockade at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

A blockade that was set up January 5th is coming down, for now, as a temporary solution is in place until some of the issues that lead to the dispute can be resolved.

Unifor Local 444 was not allowing minivans out of the plant to protest MotiPark of Windsor not using its members in a new contract to transport the vehicles.

The company won the contract over Auto Warehousing Company Windsor to drive minivans off the line and store them until they head out to dealerships.

The union says FCA had MotiPark agree to take 40 of the 60 employees to handle the work, but MotiPark would only do that if the union dropped a grievance with the Ontario Labour Relations Board over successor rights, which Unifor wouldn't agree to.

An alternative was agreed to late Sunday night to have AWC handle the work in the interim until some of the issues can be sorted out, including the grievance with the labour board.

Local 444 President Dave Cassidy told AM800's The Morning Drive that things could go either way when it comes to the grievance filed with the labour relations board.

"That could happen with the board but with the evidence we have, everything we've worked on with this file, we feel with out legal team that we have a very good opportunity here with the board," he says.

Cassidy says that AWC is handling the job this morning.

"I can tell you we are going to be pushing, fighting, screaming that AWC keeps that contract. I'm sure Chrysler has an out clause with MotiPark but this is not the type of employer that we want to be dealing with." he says.

The union plans to issue an application today with the Ontario Labour Relations Board challenging MotiPark's responsibilities under successor rights.