Tender Approved for Harrow Streetscape Project


The tender for the Harrow Street Scape project has come in under budget.

Essex council approved close to $5.5-million for the revitalization project as part of the 2021 budget with the the winning bid coming in at just over $4.6-million from J.C.S Construction Inc.

Ward 3 Councillor Steve Bjorkman says the work will be a huge boost to businesses in Harrow Centre.

"There are business people down there that are working hard and putting a lot of their own money into the downtown already," he says. "To have the town be able to finally come through with this streetscape plan, it's just going to elevate all their businesses."

He says the finished product will be worth the investment.

"Sidewalk treatments, lighting, trees, it's going to be an excellent project to bring up the entire look and the value of our downtown," he added.

There will be improvements that residents can't see, according to Bjorkman.

"We're incorporating some infrastructure needs that are necessary," he says. "There's stuff underground that has to be done all along main street as well."

Work is expected to get underway this year.