Thanksgiving COVID Impact on Healthcare System in About 2 weeks: Dr. Saad  


We should know in about a week if people followed the rules for gatherings over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Speaking on AM800's The Morning Drive, Windsor Regional Hospital Chief of Staff, Dr. Wassim Saad says people could start to see symptoms of COVID-19 in anywhere from five to seven days.

"Depending on how many people were infected or how quickly it spread from there, we'll start to see an impact on the healthcare system around the two week mark," he says.

As the pandemic continues, Dr. Saad says we continue to  learn about the virus.

"A lot of the science that's coming out right now may or may not be relevant to our day-to-day activities." he says. "So yes, the virus can survive on plastic and on glass and on stainless steel and on bank notes, but is that really a major mechanism or mode of transmission of this virus."

According to Dr. Saad, the reason it's important to follow the guidelines for gatherings is because of the major known way the virus spreads.

"And that is through respiratory droplets. So wearing masks and physically distancing is going to prevent infection than now going overboard and trying to clean every surface of your house or anything that you come in contact with."

Speaking ahead of the long holiday weekend,  Premier Doug Ford asked Ontarians to please spend the holiday with just your household. Adding, Ontarians need to be extra vigilant, reduce close contacts and limit the time you spend with people outside your household to help flatten the second wave curve.