Third Annual Tech Week Kicks Off


Tech Week is underway in Windsor-Essex.

It's the third year for WEtech Alliances' celebration of educators, entrepreneurs, investors, leaders, researchers and tech lovers.

President and CEO Yvonne Pilon says 12 events are queued up this week, kicking off with the 2019 Federal Election.

"Just to encourage our local tech community to go out to the polls and vote and talk about the important pieces of the election that are important to our tech community," she says.

She says Thursday's Tech Women Day is new for 2019, but hopes the discussion expands.

"Kept a lot of the same themes, but just changed the conversation, so, as we talk about women in tech we're going to be talking more about diversity and inclusion in the tech sector," says Pilon. 

No matter what's planned, Pilon says the week is always about getting people together to talk about technology.

"The magic that happens when you put people in a room, whether it's a student that starts a co-op or a job or a local business that connects a tech solutions person locally, learning new technologies and connecting to the resources that are available," she says.

The event wraps Saturday with the Tech Awards.